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Marathon Training Info

All participants are recommended to train before taking part in the marathon. Whether you plan to mark your personal best time or take it easy, a comprehensive training plan is ideal to help you achieve your goal.
Training plans typically include three to five days of running per week, with other days focused on low intensity exercise such as yoga, light stretching and walking, or rest. Resting your legs is especially important in order for your body to recover. If you are a novice runner, or have minimal time for training, then focus on comfortably finishing the marathon rather than finishing within a set time. Power walking or walking briskly in between running will allow you to conserve your stamina and prevent cramping. If you are an intermediate runner, then you should have a general idea of your race time. Work towards increasing stamina through running consistently four to five days every week leading up to the race. Recovery days are just as important as training days, so make sure to factor rest into your weekly running plan.
If you are an advanced or experienced runner, then your training plan will reflect the intensity of your set goal in the marathon. To achieve the best race time, a mixture of running and strength training is recommended to keep your body in the best shape. This will help you find the perfect level of endurance required to finish the race comfortably while achieving your goal. Please note that at any level of training, your body will need time to adapt to rigorous exercise. If you push yourself to your limit, your body will respond in kind. During your marathon training, you must distinguish good pain such as muscle soreness from bad pain such as cramping or imminent injury to protect yourself from overexerting your body.

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